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We have been hard at work at preparing this update which explains the lack of updates in the past. This update adds lots of fun new features and improves the general gameplay quite a bit. We hope you guys are as excited as we are for this update!

Here is the update changelog:
+ Added Clans (look on the wiki for more information)
+ Added a Clans Bridge for Claiming Territories
+ Added Tags (costs $0.50 per-tag) - Comes with 26 pre-made tags.
+ Added a Custom Tag Creator in /tags (costs $5.00USD)
+ Added More Commands to /help Commands
* Rewrote the Auction Plugin (now works way better and runs more efficiently) 
- Removed AFK Tags That Would Never Go Away

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We have just released The Enchanting Update (v0.4) which adds in advanced enchanting and some cool other features.

Here is the update changelog:

+ Added Advanced Enchants (look on the wiki for more information)
+ Added Advanced Enchant Table for Advanced Enchants
+ Added Auto Lootbag Chest Deposit (automatically puts lootbag contents in chest when left-clicked)
+ Added Vote Party (once we reach 35 overall server votes an event will be issued) - Look on the ingame scoreboard for more information.
+ Added Holograms in Spawn to Make Sell Shops Easier to Identify
* Fixed Bug With Mutliple Lootbags Being Used Instead of Just One
* Fixed Bug Where Animals Would Drop Extra Loot When an Animapocalypse Wasn't Active
* Changed Price of Logs In Spawn from $1.25 to $0.75
* Updated Rules to Make Them Easier to Read
- Removed Long Crate Opening Animation

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We have just released The Event Update (v0.3) which adds in some cool events and fixes some bugs.

Here is the update changelog:

+ Added Blood Moon Event (has a 5% chance to occur every night) - Monsters are stronger and increased mob spawn rate.
+ Added Animapocalypse Event (has a 33% chance to happen every hour) - All animals temporarily become hostile.
+ Added a PvP Arena (/warp arena)
+ Added Auctioning (/auction for help)
* Fixed Various Bugs
* Spawn Has Been Updated
- Various Seasonal Items Have Been Removed (christmas keys, crate will still be usable until new years)

We have some really cool updates planned for the future so make sure to stick around.

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Version 0.2.1 Update 10 Dec 2017, 18:12
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We have just released v0.2.1 which fixes lots of bugs and adds a couple new features.

Here is the changelog for this update:

+ Added a HeadShop GUI (accessible with /headshop)
+ Added Seasonal Heads to the HeadShop GUI
+ Made Alchemy and Unarmed Easier to Gain XP
* Fixed Bug with Manager Costing 50k Instead of 500k
* Fixed Prices Not Showing Up at Some Places in /store

This update is mostly a bugfix and that is the reason why it isn't much of a large update.

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We have just released The Technical Update (v0.2) which fixes various bugs and adds a ton of cool features.

Here are the most notable fixes/additions in this update:

+ Added Seasonal Christmas Crate (keys have a 1% chance to drop from hostile mobs)
+ Higher Chance of Common Lootbags
* Fixed Mobs Spawning in Claimed Areas
* Fixed Spawner Placing Bug
* Fixed Nether Portal Bug
- Removed Crop Trampling

We will be hosting a drop party at 2:00pm EST so plan to visit us then.

For a full changelog of 0.2, please click here.

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