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IGN: jNSzki_
By jNSzki_ » 4 months ago
IGN*: jNSzki_
Age: 13
Discord: I have joined already
Why do you want to be considered for staff?*: I want to help the server and help newer members. I am constantly online and always try to help anyone.

What will you do as staff?*: Help people who are confused about anything on the server and TRY to make it better. 

Do you have experience as staff?*: No

Why should we make you staff?*: Its your option and i'll still play constantly but i'm honest with everyone, help anyone and overall want to make the server better with more of a population than right now

What are your strengths?*: I play everyday, I understand MOST pluggins on the server, Im honest. 

What are your weaknesses?*: I do have weak vision, I have divorced parents so im able to play for a week but then the next week i may be able to fit in some time but i'm usually busy

I love the server and would love to help it further develop.



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IGN: Redned
By Redned » 4 months ago
Great staff application overall, very thorough and well thought. I personally notice many of these things you have listed above. You are a very loyal member and that really helps make a good staff member. I'd personally include more weaknesses about your weaknesses regarding players and maybe include more information on what  you would do as a staff member. Overall, I really like your application and I think you would make a great candidate for staff.




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By N0G0 » 4 months ago