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IGN: BellaBuild1242
By Aubarino » about 1 month ago

nearly 14
i want to help the server by making custom commands and help other staff with any plugin problems and build pixel art for all to see
i would make custom plugin code for the server and code custom commands like more custom villagers and some admin tools! and would help build parts of the  server
i will help others if help is needed and setup hacker traps so if hackers try to grief  BOOM killed even if in gamemode 1
i am very good at building, plugin making, command coding. world edit. config setup and more
i have no weakness
i am a good admin and staff member i am staff on 3 other servers and owner of a server ip
i would be online most of the day but some days i dont come on.
i have been playing for about a day on your server a i think its nice but i think i could make the villager trading menu better by making a plugin folder and taking the villager trade code and editing it so when a entity type = pig name = shop is right clicked it opens the menu so you dont need villagers.
but if you dont want that i can not edit it. if you want



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IGN: Redned
By Redned » about 1 month ago
I would appreciate some programming custom plugins and such but sadly, your staff application is not very through unfortunately. I will have to deny this because of many reasons. You listed no weaknesses which is definitely not true under any circumstance. Your application is full of lowercase characters and it looks to me like you didn't put a ton of time into it. You listed your age as "almost 14" which to me shows that age is a key part. We really don't take age much into consideration as long as the player is somewhat mature.

And if you are staff on 3 other servers along as maintaining your own, my assumption is that you will only be able to play like 3 - 5 hours a week. If each server requires a minimum of 20 hours a week, along with maintaining your own, that shows that you won't be a very active staff member.

I personally have no clue what you mean by pig code and such because how does pigs have to do with trading? We really like how our trading system is setup because is fast and easy. I will talk to you personally about plugin development and see if you are fit for that job, but for now, you do not meet the requirements for staff.