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IGN: Redned
By Redned » 3 months ago
We have just released The Enchanting Update (v0.4) which adds in advanced enchanting and some cool other features.

Here is the update changelog:

+ Added Advanced Enchants (look on the wiki for more information)
+ Added Advanced Enchant Table for Advanced Enchants
+ Added Auto Lootbag Chest Deposit (automatically puts lootbag contents in chest when left-clicked)
+ Added Vote Party (once we reach 35 overall server votes an event will be issued) - Look on the ingame scoreboard for more information.
+ Added Holograms in Spawn to Make Sell Shops Easier to Identify
* Fixed Bug With Mutliple Lootbags Being Used Instead of Just One
* Fixed Bug Where Animals Would Drop Extra Loot When an Animapocalypse Wasn't Active
* Changed Price of Logs In Spawn from $1.25 to $0.75
* Updated Rules to Make Them Easier to Read
- Removed Long Crate Opening Animation