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Clans are a feature on the RetroTech server which players are able to create or join. It costs $50,000 to create a Clan and to join Clans you must be invited. Clans were introduced in The Community Update. Being in a Clan allows you to participate in Clan events.

Creating a Clan

You are able to run /clan create (name) to create a Clan. Creating one costs $50,000. Whenever you create one, your Clan home is automatically set to your location, you are able to reset your Clan home with /clan sethome. In order to set your Clan home, you must either be the Cclan owner or have the sethome permission. Setting a Clan home must be done in a claim that the owner owns. Whenever you set your Clan home, the claim in which you set your home in becomes the Clan claim.

Clan Permissions

Clans come jam-packed with a cool permissions feature. This allows the Clan owner to set permissions for certain Clan ranks. The Clan ranks are Member and Officer. By default, the Officer rank is able to set a home, remove a player from the Clan, invite a player, and modify the Clan MOTD. By default the Member rank is only able to teleport to the Clan home.

Setting Clan Permissions is pretty easy, the command is /clan permissions (rank) add:remove (node).

Example: /clan permissions Member add sethome

Clan Commands

Clans Help.
Clans Help

/clan help: Shows this help page.

/clan motd (motd): Change clan message of the day.

/clan list: Shows a list of all the clans.

/clan invitations: Shows a list of clan invitations.

/clan chat (message): Allows you to chat in clans chat.

/clan create (name): Creates a clan.

/clan info (name): Shows information about a clan.

/clan home: Teleports you to your clan home.

/clan sethome: Sets a home for your clan.

/clan rename (name): Rename your clan.

/clan promote (player): Promote a player to officer.

/clan demote (player): Demote a player to member.

/clan permissions (rank) add|remove (node): Set clan permissions.

/clan accept (clan): Accept a clan invite.

/clan deny (clan): Deny a clan invite.

/clan invite (player): Invite someone to your clan.

/clan remove (player): Remove someone from your clan.

/clan disband: Disband your clan.