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Modifying this wiki requires an account and therefore, that eliminates the issue of having your IP address publicly visible. Any changes you make to this site will be publicly and permanently available. Overall, we gather very little personal information about you. We believe personal information is something that is for you and for you only. When logging in, we only ask for a username, password, and optionally an email address.

What We Gather

Whenever you make a contribution to the wiki, whether it is on a discussion page or modifying a page, you are creating a permanent public record of every piece of content added, removed, or changed by you. The page history will show when your contribution or deletion was made, as well as your username. So what we collect from that is your username, and your IP address. We store your IP address so you can easily recover your account if it gets hacked or someone alters it.

Because of how the world wide web is built and how browsers are built, we gather some information automatically -similar to other major websites- when you visit our wiki. This information includes the type of device you are using, your browser name and version, your browsers preferred language, the type and version of your device's operating system, and in some cases your internet service provider or your mobile carrier, along with your IP address.

What We Do With This Information

We have no intent to share this information with anyone outside of the administration team of RetroTech. Your personal information is highly confidential to us and therefore, we believe that this information should not be shared to the general public without your consent. The only case we would reveal any of this information is if it is required by law.